140716 Fashion KODE 2014

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sehun being adorable during peter pan

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MV to Movie: That XX

Kwon Jiyong, the head of department for Gender Affairs for the United Nations International police becomes involved in the case of a young woman named Jenny, who had recently been sold by her uncle to a sex trafficking ring. Jenny escaped and found serene from Jiyong’s help, she was sent to a woman’s shelter specifically set up for the victims of sex slavery. But it was not long before Jenny was captured again, and later found dead. The death of Jenny pushes Jiyong further to bring the case to light. Through Jenny’s case, Jiyong was able to uncover a wide-scale sexual slavery and human trafficking which involves various International personnel, including South Korea. Furthermore, when he brings the scandal to the attention of U.N., he discovers that they have covered it up in order to protect lucrative defense and security contracts. Jiyong find allies in Choi Seunghyun and Dong Youngbae, authority figures who supports his investigation.



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chanyeol mouthing 2NE1’s ‘I am the best’

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